Benefits of ceramic water filters


Ceramic water filters provide one of the safest ways of getting clean drinking water, using advanced technology KLT Filtration manufacture high quality ceramic water filters for taps, water coolers and for untreated water.

Understanding how important clean water is has helped us to develop the technology to produce water filters that excels others and remove more of the contaminants from water.

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Leaving the good stuff in the water

KLT Filtration healthy minerals and electrolytes Whilst our filters are designed to filter the contaminants out of drinking water, there are also healthy minerals and electrolytes that we ensure are not filtered out of the water so that the health benefits are still obtained.

By removing the chlorine, bacteria and harmful contaminants from water we provide filtered water that is great tasting, clean and safe for drinking. Not only is the taste and safety of water an important part of our research and testing of our filters, we also ensure that the healthy minerals are left within the water and allowed through the filtering components.

Minerals that are left in filtered water and are beneficial to the human body are minerals such as calcium and iron. At KLT Filtration we carefully design our filters to ensure that these good minerals are left within the water that is filtered.

This makes sure that the benefits of drinking water are still gained even though it has been filtered and the end user is still getting the health benefits that they are looking for from drinking fresh water through any of the applications we can produce water filters for.

Bad Stuff removed by the ceramic

KLT FIltration bacteria removalBacteria and bugs in water

  • "Protozoa" and "Cysts" like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are slightly larger and have different shapes than smaller "Bacteria" such as "E. Coli", "Cholera", "Shigela" and “Pseudomonas”.
  • Bacteria and Bugs are removed by mechanical filtration - if the size of the filter ‘s pores or holes is smaller than the organism itself.
  • Independent lab testing on E Coli (the smallest bacteria) has shown zero breakthrough on our Ceramic indicating a removal rate greater than 99.9999% (Greater than 6 LRV).
  • Organisms larger than E Coli will also be filtered out
  • Carbon blocks with larger pore sizes than ceramic will not adequately remove bacteria.

KLT FIltration bacteria removalRust and particles filtered from water

Water can pick up rust and other small particulate matter from pipes, these are removed by the ceramic filter. Ceramic filters can easily be cleaned simply by rubbing them with a scouring pad.

Bad Stuff removed by the media

KLT FIltration - Removal of Chlorine and ChloramineChlorine and Chloramine

  • Chlorine and Chloramine are typical added to mains water as a disinfectant to stop bacterial growth, whilst safe to drink they often give water an unpleasant taste and odour.
  • They are smaller than bugs and bacteria and not removed by the ceramic filter, which is why we use activated carbon to trap the chlorine and chloramine.
  • If water flows through the carbon too quickly then the carbon doesn't have enough “residence” time to trap the chlorine and chloramine.
  • A good filter will therefore often have a slower flow rate.

KLT FIltration - Removal of organic chemicals washed off fieldsOrganic chemicals washed off fields

Organic chemicals like pesticides are increasingly present in drinking water through being washed off the fields into the water supply and are to small for ceramic to remove. KLT Filtration ensure that these are trapped (adsorbed) by activated carbon in the filter.

KLT FIltration - Other harmful metals found in waterOther harmful metals found in water

Harmful heavy metals are often also present in trace quantities, the most common metal is Lead from old lead pipes. We ensure these harmful metals are filtered from water by impregnating the carbon block with a special lead scavenger.

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