How ceramic water filters work

Take a closer look at the ceramic water filters made by British company KLT Filtration, using ceramic water filters with activated carbon within.

How do KLT Filtration ceramic water filters work?

It’s KLT Filtration’s ceramic that makes water really safe by removing bacteria and bugs. Impregnated with silver, the ceramic kills the bacteria as well as trapping them.

Combined with the carbon material used within our ceramic water filters the combination work to remove bacteria and bugs as well as chlorine and chemicals.

See how our filters work with carbon blocks or granular carbon.

how KLT FIltration filters work

Mains Water Filters with Carbon Blocks

A solid carbon block gives the highest capacity for metals, chlorine and chemicals removal.

Bad Stuff stopped by ceramicBad Stuff Stopped by Ceramic

  • Bacteria and Bugs
  • Rust and Particles

Bad Stuff stopped by CarbonBad Stuff Stopped by Carbon

  • Heavy Metals (Lead, etc)
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals (Pesticides etc.)

the good stuff not stopped by anythingThe Good Stuff Not stopped by anything

  • Pure Water
  • Salts and Electrolytes

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