Our World Leading Ceramic Filters

Using high tech manufacturing to reinvent ceramic drinking water filters.

What makes our filters world leading

Using advance technology and materials we produce filters that are world leading at removing bacteria from water - leaving it clean and great tasting.

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How do we make our ceramic filters?

KLT Filtration use high tech machinery to produce filters that are more effective at the job they are made for, find out what is involved in the manufacturing process.

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What materials are used within the filters?

We use different internal materials within the filters to remove different contaminants from the water, see filter media we commonly use.

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What are they made from?

Find out what ceramic water filters are made from and how this ensures it is able to provide clean drinkable water whilst being long lasting and hardwearing.

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What makes our filters world leading

manufactured in the UK
Manufactured in the UK

KLT Filtration are based in the UK with over 20 years experience in the industry. Providing our services to customers all around the globe. KL Technologies group is also ISO9001 registered.

safe and fresh drinking water
Safe and fresh drinking water

Our filter technology is used within ceramic water filters that are provided to disaster areas, ensuring that untreated water can be filtered with no preparation to provide clean, safe drinkable water that saves lives.

removing all bacteria
Removing all Bacteria

Unbeatable protection against bacteria. Our ceramic water filters are manufactured in such a way that the ceramic removes bacteria and bugs. As well as using a range of internal materials that filter other contaminants from water.

wide range of ready made and custom filters
All shapes and sizes

Whilst we provide a vast amount of ready made filters, using our flexible technology we can also build ceramic filters specific to customers needs, so if there is an application that you need a filter making for get in touch.

economical and low cost
Economical & low cost

KLT Filtration filters won’t lose out on quality as the quantity increases, once we have a filter designed we are able to manufacture several in a short amount of time saving time and costs. Keeping filters affordable for all countries.

low carbon footprint
Low Carbon Footprint

At the KLT Filtration manufacturing site in the UK we use solar energy and wind turbines to power our machinery. This dramatically reduces our carbon footprint and helps towards saving the environment.

Our advanced technology for making ceramic filter

Our ceramic filters are more effective at filtering water because of the technology we use to manufacture them.

Pressure Casting Technology

Using pressure casting technology KLT Filtration produce high quality ceramic water filters, this process is used by major manufacturers and household names around the world to make all kinds of ceramic items including sanitary ware, tableware and technical ceramics.

Operating under high pressure and using synthetic microporous moulds, the systems repeatedly produce high quality ceramics with exceptional consistency and surface finish. Being highly automated this quality can be provided at great value for money.

The Benefits of Pressure Casting

  • More control over the shape and quality of the ceramic
  • A more consistent high quality finish
  • A tighter packed more regular structure to allow for greater bacterial rejection
  • No need for additional coating or smearing

Materials inside our ceramic filters

There is a huge range of contaminants within water and sometimes they need specific treatment to ensure they are filtered out, read more about the materials we use within our ceramic filters to ensure that you choose the right one for

your requirements. KLT Filtration also manufacture custom ceramic filters with specific materials for certain applications so if you are looking for something different please get in touch and find out how flexible our products are.

What are ceramic water filters made from?

Ceramic filters are made from diatoms - microscopic fossilised sea creatures. When packed tightly and fused together as a ceramic, diatoms act as a perfect, hardwearing, cleanable water filter trapping bugs, bacteria, rust and particles.

KLT Filtration use high tech manufacturing equipment and processes to pack the diatoms together exceptionally closely and evenly, this is key to the filter’s quality and effectiveness. We also manufacture ceramic water filters that are impregnated with silver to kill the bugs and bacteria trapped on the filter.

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