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"For the first time the sales of mains-fed coolers are outstripping the sales for bottle-fed coolers" British Water Cooler Association (BWCA)

With more and more people expecting to have fresh clean water available in their homes, at work and even in public spaces, the demand for water coolers is more than ever before.

As people become more aware of the different tastes of water it is important to ensure these contaminants are removed from the water, providing fresh clean drinkable water that is refreshing and not unpleasant.

Choose a KLT Filtration water cooler filter

KLT Filtration provide an "all in one filter" that uses pressure casting technology to create a tighter packed ceramic structure that has the highest bacterial rejection rate for unwanted contaminants.

Using activated carbon within the ceramic filter ensures

that unwanted taste and odour from water is filtered out.

Not only do our filters have world leading bacterial rejection giving your customers the highest quality water, they also go through a stringent quality control system to ensure they maintain their structural stability way beyond the 6 month filter life time.

What are the benefits of a KLT Filtration water cooler filter?

There are a huge range of benefits from using KLT Filtration water filters in water coolers, with benefits for appliances, sales and the end users.

KLT Filtration water cooler filters
  • Great tasting healthy drinking water
  • Lower maintenances costs for water coolers
  • Removes metals, chemicals and chlorine that produce bad tastes in water
  • Removes particles, bugs and bacteria that can harm water coolers
  • Reduces service costs of water coolers

We can tailor the additional filtration media we use to address particular geographical needs. We have the capability to pair our ceramic with media that can reduce lead, fluorides and many more.

KLT Filtration water cooler filters

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