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Disaster can strike at anytime

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Our filters have unrivalled bacterial rejection meaning you can stay safe in any eventuality.

KLT Filtration manufacturing technique gives our filters the best microbial rejection properties around meaning our filter is the only choice when health is on the line.

Our filters can be combined with an additional granular filtration media, so not only are you safe from dangerous water contaminants but you are also drinking great tasting water.

World leading filters for stopping bacteria

Using pressure casting technology has enabled our ceramic water filters to have world leading bacterial rejection. Our filters for untreated water need no preparation time and so can go straight to work saving lives of people all around the world.

KLT Filtration’s water filters for untreated water are therefore the ideal solution:

  • Following natural disasters
  • In refugee camps
  • Treating untreated or partially treated water
  • With the manufacturing technique we use it has allowed our filters to be very economic even in the poorest areas, so that everyone can afford to be prepared for disasters. Our filters can also come in a variety of sizes dependent on the individual needs of the area or community.

    The filtration system for untreated water is simple to maintain through regular cleaning and then replacing the filters twice annually.

    Find out more about the contaminants that KLT Filtration water filters block here.

    Benefits of untreated water filters from KLT Filtration

    Why choose our untreated water filters?

    • No preparation required
    • Highest rate of bacterial rejection
    • Filters unpleasant tastes and contaminants
    • Variety of sizes
    • Easy to clean

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