Build your own filter

Using our advanced filter technology we can also create filters that are manufactured to your exact specifications

Generic Custom Filters

At KLT filtration we have the flexibility to create a wide range of filters fit to meet the demands of every geographical area and any end user. Outlined below are a number of combinations we can currently provide

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Solving problems through filtration

KLT Filtration is capable of manufacturing ceramic filters outside of our current listed specifications. If you have a particular application that requires a ceramic filter custom-made to your requirements then get in touch so we can let you know the best solution.

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The Ceramic

We can produce our ceramic in wide range of sizes depending on your individual needs. The larger ceramics provide better flow and life cycle, However they consume more space and are generally used more for gravity filtration due to necessity to allow better flow.

The slimmer ceramics are more widely used in mains fed systems were under sink space is at a premium. All sizes of ceramic maintain our world leading bacterial rejection properties (For more info on our ceramic click here).

Length 5" 7" 10"
External Diameter 2" 2.75"

Above shows the current sizes our ceramic filters are manufactured in, you can select a combination of these lengths and external diameter to produce the ceramic filter to match your requirements. But if these don’t meet your requirement then read on to find out more about our capabilities to manufacture ceramic for bespoke filtration.

Additional Filtration Materials

As with the size of our ceramic filters, the materials used within them are also fully customisable depending on the contaminants that you need to be filtered from the water.

We pair our ceramic with materials such as activated carbon or a carbon block filter element as current options but have the abilities to be able to pair ceramic with other internal materials on request.

With our experience in filter technology and understanding of what materials will filter water to remove bacteria, contaminants and bad tastes, we are able to give you recommendation for the best results in clean, fresh filtered water.

Read in more detail how the internal materials used with our ceramic filters are different and how they help make our filters provide unbeaten bacterial rejection rates.

End Caps and Housings

We can provide filters that will fit into a wide variety of existing housings as well as being capable to supply innovative housing systems of our own. We can build filters with to fit almost any housing on demand, however the current end caps we have are:

¼” BSP Long Mount
¼” BSP Short Mount
M15 (FRX02)

Get in touch

Now that you know more about the types of filters we produce on a day-to-day basis, and that KLT Filtration are capable of customizing filters to fit almost any application.

Get in contact with us on +44 1553 622000 or fill in the contact form and a member of staff will get back to you.

Bespoke Filtration

We can manufacturer our filters to not only meet all current industry specifications but also to new and innovative bespoke designs.

KLT Filtration’s use of advanced manufacturing technology enables us to work closely with our customers to develop and manufacture innovative new filters tailored to meet individual needs. We have the capability to mould our world leading ceramic in a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as combining it with a range of world class additional filtration media.

If you have any specific filtration requirements or are simply looking to develop some new innovative products, then we are your ideal partner. Contact us with any queries.

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