Ceramic Filter Range

Flexible udaptable filter technology that can be used in many applications

Filter Taps

Filtered water straight to the tap saves money and saves the environment. Ensure your customers get fresh clean water using our faucet filters.

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Water Coolers

Water coolers are becoming increasingly popular in public places and offices, so it is important they provide fresh tasting clean water.

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Untreated Water

Disasters can strike at any time, our water filters for untreated water need no preparation time and have world leading bacterial rejection.

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Custom Filters

Our flexible manufacturing process and materials means that we can produce ceramic water filters for various other applications

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Why choose KLT Filtration ceramic filters

Unrivalled ceramic water filters

Our ceramic filters have a range of benefits that have made them unrivalled in the water filter industry, ensuring that clean great tasting bacteria free water is available in a variety of applications.

KLT Filtration are based in the UK with over 20 years experience in the industry. Providing our services to customers all around the globe. KL Technologies group is also ISO9001 registered.

Unbeatable protection against bacteria. Our ceramic water filters are manufactured in such a way that the ceramic removes bacteria and bugs. As well as using a range of internal materials that filter other contaminants from water.

KLT Filtration filters won't lose out on quality as the quantity increases, once we have a filter designed we are able to manufacture several in a short amount of time saving time and costs. Keeping filters affordable for all countries.

Our filter technology is used within ceramic water filters that are provided to disaster areas, ensuring that untreated water can be filtered with no preparation to provide clean, safe drinkable water that saves lives.

Whilst we provide a vast amount of ready made filters, using our flexible technology we can also build ceramic filters specific to customers needs, so if there is an application that you need a filter making for get in touch.

At the KLT Filtration manufacturing site in the UK we use solar energy and wind turbines to power our machinery. This dramatically reduces our carbon footprint and helps towards saving the environment.

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